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A Definition

Shared decision making (SDM) is currently being advocated by both healthcare professionals and patients as the ideal for decision making (Stiggelbout, Pieterse, & De Haes, 2015). 

It can be described as a process in which the physician shares with the patient all relevant risk and benefit information on all treatment alternatives and the patient shares with the physician all relevant information that might make one treatment or side effect more or less tolerable than others (King, Eckman, & Moulton, 2011). The patient could benefit from participating in the decision making process, because it has proven to increase patient activation, satisfaction, understanding, and trust (Coulter & Picker Institute, 2006; King et al., 2011; Shay & Lafata, 2015), which are all important factors in the patient’s experience. 


Shared Decision Making: Designing for Cancer Care

Designing for Shared Decision Making

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