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Improve Multi-Disciplinary team Meetings by Design

Author: Jesse Beem (2016)

Supervisory team: Marijke Melles (mentor), T. van Rompay (mentor), S. Peerdeman (mentor)

Partners: Amsterdam UMC, TU Delft

The goal of this project is to create a set of feasible modifications
to improve efficient Multi-Disciplinary Meeting (MDM) decision-making, and to introduce a product-service system for the medical staff to further develop their communication during the MDM and inter-collegial teamwork. The neuro-oncology MDM at the Amsterdam UMC is used as case for this project. 


Literature research insights are translated to the user study through: factors by which the efficiency and quality of the MDM can be assessed, and influential factors on teamwork and interaction between the members of the neuro-oncology.

A mixed-method approach was used for participatory research in order to create a meaningful design. It is found that mistakes are made, especially in the decision-making step, because of poor verbal communication due to the sub-optimal environment and disturbances such as pagers and lack of possibly crucial information. The study showed that inter-collegial teamwork could be improved while the patient-centered teamwork should stay diverse: every individual should keep her/his own medical professional identity in the group. 



The MDM PLUS+ was developed to enable information exchange and discussion and consists of two parts: the MDM Blueprint and the Viscom. The discussion is fueled by the information on visible scans and the knowledge of the members. The MDM Blueprint is a list of MDM room layout requirements, which are drafted as checklist to make feasible modifications to the current MDM environment and to design the most optimal interior suited for a neuro-oncology MDM. The Viscom is an application that serves to minimise differences in communication to improve team cohesion and efficiency during these meetings. Communication of core members can be visually explained by dynamic drawing on a live-synced tablet. 


The MDM PLUS+ was evaluated through a demonstration for the entire MDM group and a simulated MDM discussion. Participants expected an increase in mutual understanding between members and it enables a faster information exchange. 

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