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The vaccination leaflet

Risk communication for child vaccination

Author: Tanja van der Heide (2018)

Supervisory team: Marijke Melles (mentor), Huib de Ridder (mentor), Tessa Dekkers (graduation committee), O. Damman (graduation committee)

Partners: RIVM, Amsterdam UMC, TU Delft 

The National Immunisation Programme (NIP) provides Dutch children with vaccinations for twelve infectious diseases free of charge and on voluntary basis. During several years, the vaccination coverage in the Netherlands has declined 0.5% annually. 

The goal is to “support (soon to be) parents in a decision making process based on information in order to strengthen those who are positive towards vaccination and help the people who are doubting about participation in the NIP”, focusing on risk communication, presenting both advantages and disadvantages, about the first child vaccinations (DKTP-Hib-Hepb and pneumococcal vaccination between 6 and 9 weeks of age). People who do not have the intention to participate in the NIP are not taken into account. 


Literature studies about behavioural intentions and decision-making processes combined with expert collaborations lead to the analytical process of choice making depicted in the image above. Information needs and sources that are used by the target group are found by doing seven interviews with people in the target group. Their journeys are mapped in the information journey map.  


The vaccination leaflets

Three leaflet design concepts were developed and communicate the information in different ways; positive towards vaccination (focussing on the benefit of herd immunity), as transparent as possible (by showing both advantages and disadvantages) and negative towards vaccination (focussing on the side effects that can occur). 

The front pages of the concepts are designed for intuitive people. Those who have a more analytical approach will go through the different by opening the leaflet. 


The concepts were evaluated in five concept tests with the target group.

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