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Value-Based Healthcare for Kidney Failure


Author: Tiara Spalburg, Xiaochen Ye, Erica Brizzi, Vivian Vriend

Supervisory team: Marijke Idema, Marijke Melles
Partners: Amsterdam UMC, TU Delft

This page presents four projects exploring opportunity areas for the implementation of VBHC in the pre-treatment process of kidney failure patients at the VUmc. 

The main goal for kidney failure patients during the pre-treatment process at the VUmc is to decide on the best treatment option together with the kidney specialists’ team. However, due to the high amount of complex information and the overload of emotions, shared decision-making becomes hard to achieve and patients feel lost and overwhelmed in the process. 

Shared decision making is also an important aspect of value-based healthcare. In order to achieve shared decision-making, active patient participation is needed. Both, understanding and expressing information are influencing factors. For the patient it is important to understand what happens in and on the body when choosing a certain treatment and how this treatment will influence their daily life. The level of understanding of various subjects should also be transferred from the patient to the specialist. 

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